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SAGACNC ( China) was founded in 2009 with a focus on improving the design and cost effective manufacturing techniques necessary to produce China’s highest quality vinyl cutters. With unparalleled quality and reliability SAGACNC rapidly exceeded all industry expectations, flourishing into a thriving global company producing a range of high quality CNC machines: “Without compromise; if we can’t make it better, we won’t make it!”

SAGACNC’s technological strengths have been achieved through the concerted efforts of a highly skilled team, incorporating a strong marketing and management department, programmers producing proprietary software while ensuring system compatibility and design, and mechanical engineers with a commitment to developing and improving CNC equipment.

Our dealings with SAGACNC ( China) have been an absolute pleasure. They continually honour every commitment to us and our clients and have become our preferred Chinese CNC supplier. They achieved this through consistently honest, upfront and concise communications, enabling us to focus on supplying the very best products, backup and service to our clients.

We uphold very specific and stringent Australian standards; requiring complex circuitry alterations to ensure our equipment is suitable and safe for the Australian market. This task has been made simple and easy by SAGACNC ( China) who have undertaken those changes on our behalf, ensuring all equipment meets or exceeds our requirements. To this day I am unaware of any other Chinese vinyl cutter manufacturer who meets Australian Standards (CE alone does not meet Australian Standards).

A little about us, Amor de Madera: We have been importing and supporting a range of CNC equipment since 2002. We believe customer service is paramount to ensuring a successful, long-term business, which is why we implemented a 7 day per week Service Commitment to our clientele: “If something is going to go wrong, it will be when you need it most!” We are focused on delivering the highest quality products at a fair and reasonable price and believe if we provide long-term support, success will follow.

We thank you for your interest in Amor de Madera and our SAGACNC equipment range and look forward to delivering the best products and services obtainable.



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